Supernatural Activities is an exceptional company that uniquely blends Corporate Eventing with a highly skilled and Professional Psychic Medium dedicated in providing a variety of Paranormal, Mystical and Mythical tours, events and activities.

A truly original company that explores Irelands Legends, Mystical Sites and Hauntings, intending to bring about a further understanding of the Folklore or Supernatural happenings via the scientific and clairvoyant application.

Fiona Stewart Williams, hailing originally from Belfast has lived and worked all over the world for the past 25 years.   A deeply spiritual background fused with Irish oral Tradition; her grandparents accounts of faeries, Banshees sparked a fascination with myth, legend which has evolved into an exciting exploration of all things esoteric or supernatural.

With a life time’s association with the Spirit World and over 25 years of experience as a working Psychic and Medium, Fiona Stewart-Williams brings a fresh and exciting approach into all that is Supernatural or deemed Paranormal.

A deep passion fueled with a fascination in all that is mystical, magical and ancient brings about a charmed and thrilling wisdom to joyfully excite and ignite the mind to the possibilities of other realities and existences.

Fiona hosts events that are indeed unique, upfront and personal to larger corporate events.