Firstly I just want to thank my dedicated and talented Psychic Students who lead groups at Cumber House on the 11th and 12th of July 2015 you all did a great job.

Cumber House was built with the coming of the Browne family to the Claudy area. This family later became Browne-Lecky by international marriage.

Story of the Haunting and Recent Hauntings

Cumber House a breath taking stately home that sits proudly within its own private grounds was built in the early 1830’s and inhabited by the Browne family, a family with huge influence and power. The Story of the haunting begins when the old man Browne died. It was understood that this gentleman misused and abused his power when living and was not liked by the locals.
After the old man’s passing one of the priests made a comment to the head Gardner that the old man was burning in the fires of hell. The gardener told the family this and they summoned the priest to confront him. The old man’s son had a pistol held to the priest, screaming at him to prove that his father was in hell.

The priest got down on his knees and started praying like never before. When time had passed and no proof was seen, the son was getting more and more agitated. The priest then rolled up his trousers and prayed on his bare knees. He drew a circle on the floor and prayed again. Suddenly from the circle drawn on the floor, the ghost of the old man appeared out of flames. The priest ran from the house and never returned.

The ghost of the old man haunted the house for a long time, until the family finally got another priest to come to banish him. This he did by drawing a circle at the foot of one of the trees in the grounds and ordering him into it.

Many people have reported the sounds of knocking and scraping coming from the direction of the tree beside Cumber house, and only the very brave will walk unaccompanied round the grounds at night.

More recently was the sighting of a lady who has been seen walking the halls, landing and stairs. Gusts of icy cold winds followed by the unexplained moving of objects and turning on of electrical appliances have also been reported.

July 2015 at Cumber House

On both evenings a number of experiments took place with the groups (both were lovely groups of people, some who hand never experienced anything supernatural, a number of which who had been on paranormal tours and had an interest in all things Spirit, and a few who gifted Psychic Mediums and those who were sceptical of anything paranormal). All in all the perfect blend for a psychic adventure.

Spirit Board activity was incredibly interesting. On both evenings a number of the group had intelligent communication with loved ones who identified themselves, answered questions correctly and gave pertinent personal messages. It was a delight and pleasure to witness such loving and personal spirit communications and those lucky to enough to receive a message were indeed delighted and moved to have their loved ones come so close.

Interesting communication was forth coming from individuals who has resided in Cumber House, worked at Cumber House and who had visited Cumber House and who were related to the family who owned the House.

We held our séance with the Spirit Board in the Claudy Room under a red light the temperature sat high in the 23/4 °C on Day One and in Day Two the temperature sat between 17/18 °C

A gentleman with the name of Thomas Lecky introduced him self as a distant relative and had visited Cumber House.

A Col Francis Browne gave dates and listed the medals he was awarded and were he served in India

A lady who had worked at the house as a cleaner with the name of Betty or Betsy

A young girl of 13 called Eva who spelt out that she visited the House and died of Cold …

A young boy called Joe who played in the grounds
During the group sessions individual felt the presence of Spirit touching them, there were raps and knocks in the room, although at time people felt cold the temperature remained the same without any fluctuations.

Lone Vigils had remarkable phenomena with the Temperature making a significant change when measuring the temperature of a soft doll from 16 °C in to the high 30s.

The presence of children was detected, and in one case seen with sensors both noise and light being triggered.
Video footage of the lone vigil on both nights did not record… which was rather disappointing.

Table tilting experiment on Day Two proved more significant when the table tilted with a personal communicator to a member in the group who identified themselves as their Grandfather. When asked if they could move more than the table they complied by moving a rather large exercise ball .. this was witness by all in the group.

Divining Rods and Pendulums and Spirit Dice proved successful in personal communications with the Spirit World with a relevant communication from a Cleaner called Beth or Betsy identifying herself with the use of the pendulum and the pendulum board.
EVP was significantly stronger on Day One, Day Two found that the equipment did not function adequately in the Attic but worked better in another location. During Day One two way communication from several communicators were heard by the group. Day Two communication could be heard but it wasn’t as clear.



Have a look at what the participants thought…

An absolutely fantastic night. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to connect to the spirit world. A huge thank you to Fiona Stewart Williams foot a totally fantastic night.
Claire Glaysher
What a wonderful experience, really enjoyed all the wonderful people and others, great communication and the evidence was related back to Google to confirm on the spot evidence that communication was indeed correct loads of history regarding cumber house and its occupants of days gone by. loved this and would highly recommend anyone to attend a spooky event . soup and sandwiches along with chocolate treats thank you fiona stewart williams at the bewitching hour was a highlight where we could all congregate and share are experiences with other groups. ghost hunting is hungry work!
Eddy Manly
Great night with spirit and lovely living people too. Can’t wait for the next one, my batteries were super charged afterwards.
Michael Mc Feely
I had a brilliant nite one of my best experiences ive had in a long time, fiona stewart williams was great aswell such a nice and friendly person il defo go back for more ghost hunting again! 🙂
Natalie Johnston
Really enjoyed my experience on Saturday especially the spirit board and the tilting table, the staff were really friendly so thank u everyone and Fiona Stewart and to Diane Appleby and Lynda Appleby for talking me into it would definitely do it again 🙂
Trudy Gurney